Interview with 3rd Eye Studios about the game “Downward Spiral” and Ville Valo soundtrack

As many know, this month will be released the videogame Downward Spiral: Horus Station, which features a soundtrack made by Ville. We had a chat with the maker of the videogame:

VV: The Videogame “Downward Spiral: Horus Station” is out the 18th september for Playstation and it’s already out for PC. A very special game, considering that it’s the first videogame soundtrack made by Ville in his career. Are you satisfied with the result? Are you planning to release the soundtrack it also separately?

3ES: We are amazed by the result. Ville’s music is amazing and it adds so much to the atmosphere of Downward Spiral: Horus Station. The soundtrack will not be released as it’s been intended only for use in the experience. It’s made to be played not listened to alone. So all Ville Valo fans will need play on September 18th on PS4 or you can play already on PC.

VV: How you got in contact with Ville and how was to work with him?

3ES: 3rd Eye Studios is friends with Ville and when we started the company, we were looking for someone to handle the music and Ville accepted and has done a spectacular job. He’s a real talent.

3rd Eye Studios Interview Downward Spiral Ville Valo
3rd Eye Studios Interview Downward Spiral Ville Valo

VV: I guess many Ville Valo fans will buy the game. For who you recommend this title?

3ES: Downward Spiral: Horus Station is definitely for Ville Valo fans and they will not be disappointed. Horus Station is a slow, hard science ficiton with a focus on mood and atmosphere. We’re heavily inspired by 2001: A Space Odyseey and Solaris. It’s a very cool and deep experience, and even more so if you play with PS VR or VR on PC.

VVI: Many fans requested a physical copy of the Downward Spiral. Are you planning it?

3ES: We have just announced a physical copy of Downward Spiral:Horus Station. We’re working with Perp Games to bring it out later this year. Follow us on Twtter to find out the news first. Thanks for the interview!

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