Listen now Ville Valo collaboration in Andy McCoy’s Soul Satisfaction EP

Ville Valo is in the Andy McCoy’s Soul Satisfaction EP which it’s released today 5th December 2018.

According to an article published by Soundi last month today it’s been released the new album of the guitar hero and ex-member of the iconic finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks, which will feature the backing vocals of Ville.

In the past we analyzed the friendship between Ville and Andy which has been made of ups and downs. Now everything seems over.

Soul Satisfaction EP includes songs as Soul Satisfaction, Gimme Time, Bible and a Gun, and Wild Talk. The latter is only available with this ep and it is an interesting song that the song which features the man himself.

Wild Talk with Ville Valo’s backing vocals

You can clearly listen to Ville’s vocals around the 1:15 mark.

Tracklist of Soul Satisfaction

  4. WILD TALK (non-album track)

Andy McCoy – guitars, lead vocals, percussions (1); Matthew Janaitis – bass; Gustaf Standertskjöld – drums, backing vocals (1); Pate Kivinen – keys; Sammy Aaltonen – backing vocals (1-4), percussions (1); Janna – backing vocals (1–2); Jone Takamäki – sax. (2); Ville Valo – backing
vocals (4)

Where to buy Soul Satisfaction

Listen now Ville Valo collaboration in Andy McCoy's Soul Satisfaction EP
Listen now Ville Valo collaboration in Andy McCoy’s Soul Satisfaction EP

You can buy it on Levykauppa.

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