Rambo Rimbaud is back, with a riddle #VVHS

Rambo Rimbaud, one of the many Ville Valo alter egos is back, after an absence from the social networks of something like 5 years.

Rambo Rimbaud: some history

Ville used this alter ego to tease a surprise appearance at the 2014 Helldone, with two covers: Solitude (black sabbath) and Song to the siren (Jeff Buckley).

During that time, he also announced the release of an album in 2015, tentatively called Militantly Violent Libertine and another live appearance at the Qstock summer festival in Finland, 2015.

The album never came out, and at Qstock HIM played live and the project turned out to be one of the many jokes (just like The Mercy Fvcks). But now, 5 years later, the account is alive again and used by VV to make the fans guess again.

Rambo Rimbaud TODAY: VVHS (Ville Valo VHS)

Nowadays people cannot even stay away from the social networks for five days without freaking out. But Ville’s different. Ville managed to come back after so many years (and remember the password).

Just a pic on his Instagram, a polaroid photo with a strange mini-keyboard with just 8 buttons (creepy and lynch-esque) with a YouTube video URL, which might difficult to decipher because those three “i” and “l” might seem very similar at first. But (thank God) many already found the right combination and here’s the video:


The video is the live version of WLADE with the Agents. Uploaded from a YouTube user called “VVHS”: a mix between Ville Valo and VHS. This is the 01 video, so the Ville Valo VHS series #1. Apparently Ville is teasing us with riddles, in his best David Lynch style.

From love metal archives to Ville Valo VHS, the story continues! This is the comeback season!

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