Rambo Rimbaud Guide: Ville Valo, Album, Instagram, Tour

What is Rambo Rimbaud? Is it really the solo project of Ville Valo? What about the RambohRamboh instagram account? In this article, we will answer to the ever-increasing questions by the fans about the Rambo Rimbaud Side Project.

Rambo Rimbaud: what is it?

Rambo Rimbaud is the solo project/alias of the singer Ville Valo. When this project came out in 2014 (just 3 years before the HIM tearful farewell) many thought that it was an attempt to convey new artistic ideas with an experimental solo project. But is it really like that?

Valo himself stated on stage before the songs:

We ran out of budget so we thought I’ll open this night with playing a few beautiful songs

Ville Valo about the 2-songs Rambo Rimbaud setlist at the Helldone 2014

Ville made the social accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and a website back in 2014, without associating himself with the project.

Rambo – Rimbaud: meaning

What’s the message of Ville with the Rambo Rimbaud stage name?

Ville merged the names of:

  • Rambo: the raw and violent fictional character in the Rambo saga.
  • Arthur Rimbaud: one of the most famous french poets, known for his influence on modern literature and arts, which prefigured surrealism.

Except from the fact that this two have similar sounding names, mixed together as Rambo Rimbaud, it seems more of an oxymoron.

Rimbaud: the violence of poetry. Rambo: The Poetry of Violence.

Rambo Rimbaud Facebook Page

Ville started teasing the fans in 2014 by posting images of lamps and bulbs on the Facebook page of Rambo Rimbaud, which now counts over 5000 fans.

Valo in english means Light. At that time, the identity of Rambo Rimbaud was still unknown (was just a supporting act for the Helldone gigs in Tavastia).

This rare social stunt of Ville was in some ways an hint to reveal the real identity of the project, by using his cryptic code.

Rambo Rimbaud Live Gig

Rambo Rimbaud first (and only) gig @ Tavastia-Klubi, Helsinki in 2014

Rambo Rimbaud was just supposed to be one of the opening act for the 2014 Helldone. With the surprise of the fans, Ville showed up on stage that night (29/12/2014 @ Tavastia, Helsinki (FI) and played two covers: Solitude (Black Sabbath) and Song to the Siren (Jeff Buckley).

Rambo Rimbaud full performance at the 2014 Helldone.

Rambo Rimbaud Twitter Page

On his Twitter, Rambo just made two tweets in over 4 years. His bio contains the latin palindrome phrase: In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni (translated: We enter the circle after dark and are consumed by fire). The last tweet is the Qstock 2015 live show announcement, which never really happened (HIM played live at that show).

Rambo Rimbaud is just following four accounts: Sandra Mittica (ex-gf), Jesse Oliver (brother), John Fryer (producer), Daniel P Carter (friend and radio personality).

Rambo Rimbaud Album

The tentatively named “Militantly Violent Libertine” was set to be released in 2015. Unfortunately, Rambo Rimbaud stopped any social communications later in the same year.

This mysterious act from ‘somewhere behind God’s back’ has until now kept the lowest of low profiles. The few who managed to catch a glimpse of RAMBO RIMBAUD‘s live appearances under various monikers in the mid noughties confess in unison that they had been blown away.

‘It’s hard to put a finger on the music, other than it being out of this world, emotional and very powerful. I actually remember wondering where they have disappeared!’

After these humble beginnings, a series of unfortunate events brought about a forced hiatus of almost ten years, but now RAMBO RIMBAUD is finally working on its debut album, tentatively entitled ‘Militantly Violent Libertine’.

Helldone Facebook Page

Rambo Rimbaud comeback in 2019: VVHS Tapes

After 5 years of inactivity, Ville published on his Rambo Rimbaud IG account a photo of a toy-organ. The video was uploaded with a YouTube account named VVHS.

Rambo Rimbaud official IG account

The photo was in a fact a riddle, with the youtube URL containing the WLADE live video of the first VV & Agents gig @Himos Areena, Jämsä.

The fans had to write the correct address from the photo he uploaded on the RambohRamboh IG page. Click here for the complete riddle.

It’s not the first time Ville Valo uses the idea of a VHS to express his art. It already happened with the cover of the first HIM remix album “SWRMXS“:

“I dreamt the image one night, opened up the toolbox in the morn and started smashing the vhs tape to a gazillion tiny bits with a hammer. After its guts were splattered on my kitchen floor, I rather delicately forced the tape to form a heartagram. Not too different than creating a remix, see?”

Rambo Rimbaud Biography

Rambo Rimbaud is an artist of the Redberg.fi record label. We paste here the full biography:

The idea for Rambo Rimbaud goes back ten years, maybe even more. It has its roots in the hotel rooms that provided Ville Valo with a peaceful oasis in the midst of the organised chaos and constant noise that comprise a HIM tour. As time passed, he had started to feel the occasional need for a re-think, the need to approach his music from a different angle. Enter Rambo Rimbaud, a journey into the heart of silence. With the help of his own songs and handpicked covers, Ville feels his way to the fountainhead of sensitivity and melancholy.
“The music is basically the same as it ever was, at the end of the day we’re talking about pretty gloomy love songs. A leopard can’t change its spots, right? This time around, however, the volume button is turned all the way down… instead of the usual 11.”
Rambo Rimbaud may be sensitive, but in quite an intense way. It is music in which Rambo writes his poetry with bullets and Rimbaud uses words like a weapon. It is not a project, neither is Ville Valo starting a solo career under a nom de plume. In Ville’s head, Rambo Rimbaud is a proper band. He may be its one and only member, but it is a band all the same. He seems convinced that this band concept prevents his ego getting in the way of the truth.
“The difference lies in how you approach the songs. In rock & roll it’s all out, in your face! This is far more subtle, revealing the hidden charms little by little. I guess Rambo Rimbaud is in that way like, say, Marlene Dietrich. HIM? I don’t know, probably Jenna Jameson, ha-ha!”

Rambo Rimbaud

Rambo Rimbaud: Ville Valo’s Solo Project

The previous quote states that Rambo Rimbaud is “goes back ten years, maybe even more”. In fact, ten years before the revealing of Rambo Rimbaud, Ville presumably was already considering to embark a solo carrer.

In 2004, a rumor/project began to be mentioned by the fans community, due to some interviews, articles and news of an TBA record too.

This record included songs titled “Under the Rose”, “Face of God” and “Have not Fear”. Now we know that some of these songs later became part of the album “Dark Light” of HIM.

The HIM album was planned to be released in September / October 2005 with its new label “Sire Records”. The Valo’s solo album was planned to be released before this one.

However, only “Dark Light” saw the light during the month of September, having a huge success in USA (BMI Gold Award) and all over the world.

Will we ever listen to “Militantly Violent Libertine” by Rambo Rimbaud? Or the first Ville Valo’s solo project will be completely different, since he’s now working to record music for the songs he had ready for HIM?

Only time will tell.

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