Salute the Sanguine Lyrics and Meaning

Salute the sanguine is the first track off the EP Gothica Fennica Vol. 1. This is just a personal attempt of mine, trying to grasp the meaning of the song. If you have any suggestions, please comment down below. If you would like to see the visuals for this song and the other two, click here.

First verse

Salute the sanguine Lyrics Meaning
A screenshot from the Salute the Sanguine visuals snippet.

Death, come blow me a kiss

Through this cathedral of cause

Remind me how to decrypt, decipher

Written in the blood of my heart

Death come blow me a kiss: The song starts with a thematic well known to the HIM-aficionados: a kiss resembles love. The word death, the end of it.

Through this cathedral of cause: A cathedral is an important christian church. A cause is a fact absolutely decisive in relation to the occurrence of another situation. Funerals is one of the many activities held in it. Ville uses this place, which seems the perfect scenario as the introduction of a song about the end of a relationship.

Remind me how to decrypt, decipher / Written in the blood of my heart: He asks help to the interlocutor (death, the death of love) how to understand his feelings.

First chorus

Salute the sanguine

Heading to that point, has to feel

Salute the sanguine

Ferociously beautiful, you are

Salute the sanguine: Saluting is a sign of respect to someone, the sanguine indeed. You do it by raising the right hand to the side of the head. It’s mostly used in military and armed forces.

Four Temperaments: Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Choleric and Melancholic (the Sanguine is the second from the left)

A sanguine is an an outgoing, impulsive, and jovial psychological type. The word sanguine can also mean eager hopefulness and confidently optimistic.

Ferociously beautiful, you are: This might be intended as a synaesthesia. It’s a rhetorical device that describes or associates one sense in terms of another, most often in the form of a simile. Sensations of touch, taste, see, hear, and smell are expressed as being intertwined or having a connection between them. In this case it explains that the beauty of her, can be also violent.

Second verse

Love your lips move, but I can’t hear you sing

In my citadel of scars

The ghost of you, she lies within

Revealing what is lost

Love your lips move, but I can’t hear you sing: This is the turning point of the song. He’s in love with the ghost of her, which is a metaphor of the past her. He can’t hear her sing because she’s now different from who she previously was.

In my citadel of scars: The scars are a powerful metaphor to explain all the suffering endured during a relationship. A citadel is a fortified area of a town. He’s trying to protect all the sufference he endured.

The ghost of you, she lies within: A ghost is another metaphor to express that she’s no more who she once was. She lies within, means that memories don’t fade.

Revealing what is lost: Time has passed, and the good memories of what it was once upon a time, are showing how different and aching is the present.

Verse three

Here come the tears

Along with terms of endearment

Distorted by fear

So sincere, it hurts!

Here come the tears: The verse three describes the process of partying ways. Crying and feeling sad is perfectly normal during a breakup.

Along with terms of endearment: A term of endearment is a word used to describe a person very for which the speaker feels affection or love. Sweetheart, sugar or bae can be used as terms of endearment.

Distorted by fear: The sweet words used between the two are now ruined by fear. This line is about love lost. It can be referring to the fear of being alone after a breakup.

So sincere it hurts: Someone sincere is who acts following his true feelings. There is no falsehood here, so there is no remedy to get back what it once was.

Chorus two

Salute the sanguine, sanguine

I’m screaming your name

Salute the sanguine, sanguine

No heart beats in vain

I’m screaming your name / No heart beats in vain: this might means the realization that he’s still in love with who she once was.


I salute the sanguine

(I salute the sanguine)

I salute the sanguine

(I salute the sanguine)

We’ll be screaming your name again and again

Come, salute the sanguine

(Come, salute the sanguine)

Come, salute the sanguine

(Come, salute the sanguine)

All hearts kneel before your grace

We’ll be screaming your name again and again: this might means that both wants to have back what it once was. And will try to achieve that (probably in vain).

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