Seppo Vesterinen, the legendary HIM manager, passed away

According to Helsingin Sanomat, Seppo Vesterinen, who has made an exceptionally impressive international career in rock music in Finland, passed away. Vesterinen died on Thursday evening, in a hospital in Ekenäs (Finland) due to a long-term illness.

Vesterinen is best known as the manager who put Finnish rock bands on the world map. The bands he has managed include Hanoi Rocks, The Rasmus and HIM.

This band wouldn’t be where it is without Silke or Seppo. There are many factors as important as songs. Understanding this helps. I mean, Bill Gates wouldn’t be Bill Gates without the assistants who helped him along the way. Nothing comes from one person, everything comes from working together and appreciating the people who do well what they do.

Ville Valo

Rest easy, Seppo.

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