Ville Valo & Agents confirmed for Iskelmä Festivaali 27.-29.6.2019

Another day, another new date of the finnish tour for Ville Valo & Agents. This time is for the Iskelmä Festivaali, a finnish festival that lasts 3 days: 27.-29.6.2019. This type of festival will be kind of unusual for Ville, since it’s a schlager festival (the music genre of the Agents).

Iskelmä Festival is the first open-air music festival in Himos of the season. It is a fun event with several stages, entertainment areas and, of course, music of the beloved Finnish artists. It takes place in Jamsa, a small city in the center of Finland.

Click here for the tickets on Tiketti, which are just 119 for a 3 days full immersion in the forests of Finland!

So, after Qstock and the Pori Jazz, this is the third summer festival date for the legendary duo.

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