Ville Valo & Agents gets 4/5 from Helsingin Sanomat

The album (out on the 15th of February) Ville Valo & Agents gets a solid 4 out of 5 stars from one of the most popular Finnish newspapers: Helsingin sanomat. It is the first review published of the Finnish supergroup.

Here’s the translation (google translate) of the review:

The holy trinity of Ville Valo, Agents and Rauli “Badding” Somerjoki has been twisting for over twenty years and just waiting for the right timing. It’s time now.

Agents, led by Esa Pulliainen, have accumulated some dust over the nation’s cabinet over the past few years and have been looking for a new boost to their career. On the other hand, Him, led by Ville Valo, drove himself into a creative dead end and ended his day a year ago. It is easy to imagine what Pulliainen has been thinking about when hitting Ville’s number from his smartphone: Now or never.

The unthinkable alliance of the metal singer and the ensemble of the Finns that marinated globally is really the most obvious.

The sensitivity of the song’s song register is the cornerstone of Somerjoki and he has never spun his debt. For as long as she has hinted at co-operation with Agents. The first thing about the future came in 1999 when Valo and Agents interpreted Somerjoki in the Singing Heart TV series.

Ville Valo’s and Agents’ joint album do not collide with the celestial bodies, but settle down.

It is known how great Pulliainen has guided his guitar and band over the years. What is extraordinary is how beautiful the interpretation of Ville is in the middle of the Agents’ call.

The sound is stripped clean from the guns, and Ville does not even accidentally flash out on its side. The song progresses completely under the conditions of the compositions: fragile sensitive, touching beautiful, and only light vibrate. Meanwhile, Valo sounds like himself and does not attempt to imitate the virtually childlike innocence of Somerjoki.

LEVYN is based on the unrecorded songs of Somerjoki, which Pulliainen has carefully conserved from cassettes to finished compositions. Here too, the greatest weakness comes: The holy grail is not bottomless.

Orpolapsi kiurun did not pick coincidentally as the first one because it is clearly the brightest pearl. The play of the agents rolls forward in tone, the interpretation of Light is glowing and the song of Somerjoki is ingenious in its simplicity. When the melody is strong enough, the song doesn’t even need the actual chorus.

Hits can be done as teamwork and calculations, but something magical is needed for evergreens. Here it is. The whole is crowned by the obvious personal text of Somerjoki, where the place of a beautifully chirping Songbird is worried around the world.

The harsher truth is that only three unheard of songs have been found to interpret the Light. The children of autumn do not feel great emotions, but Tulaulau redeems his place as a beautiful, beautiful final piece.

In addition to these, Somerjoki himself is loudly speaking in two English rock rhymes, which are historically significant but not as compositions. Two instrumental pieces act as start and intermediate calls.

And That’s It? Not at all.

Here, the defining of national unity begins. The size of the album is full of the biggest hits of the River Somer, so it’s hard to imagine a disc that this year would touch the memory nerves of as many Finnish generations.

From the same pillar, Agents has drawn their entire career, so the solution cannot be considered revolutionary. It seals the success of the album. New versions also have their merits and they will sound on radio waves as birch leaves ripen in the summer sun, the waves rip off on the shore and the smoke rises from the barrel to indicate that the sauna is warming up.

Agents originally appeared in some of the songs, but now Pulliainen reconciles his own arrangements. For example, Ikkunaprinsessa’s original translation sounds almost cumbersome alongside a streamlined and faster beat version. On the other hand, the stars, the stars have been taken in a completely different direction, and the brisk Iskola is now a more relaxed mood.

It is foreseeable that Ville Valo’s and Agents’ long-awaited joint album will remain the sole co-operation. What a pity it would be. Now that the table has been dropped from the Somerjoki tribute, Light and Agents would be free to do just about anything.

How stunning it would be to prove how Agents strikes, for example, in the new compositions of Light. Hopefully during the spring gigs, even one song will be heard, which Him would sound like in Finnish and with Pulliainen’s brilliant play.

Nothing is impossible for this group. To produce unexplored soil would tolerate even more bleak.

Ville Valo & Agents album will be released on Friday, February 15th. The tour starts on March 2 at the Himos Arena in Jämsä.

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