Ville Valo Collaborations

Maybe not everyone in the fanbase is already used with Ville collaborations and various side projects like the latest with the Agents. During his prolific career, he had plenty of them, and he still continues today to work with his fellow artists around the world. Let’s start this journey (thanks to the list from the old website) which is long something like 30 years of career.

Ville Valo Collabs before HIM


1986/87-1989 School Coverband (played Iron Maiden cover like Run to the Hill) (Bass)

Eloveena Boys

1987/88 – Coverband (played U2 and Dire Straits covers during school festivals) (Bass, Lyrics & Compostions)


1989/1990 – (Lyrics, Compositions, Bass & Drums)


1990 – (Unknown role in the band)


1990 – (Bass)

Unga Kaskelottär

1990/1992 – 5 Track Demo
Fridge (Insulabrious Verrucose Uretha) (Vocals, Lyrics, Compositions, Percussion, Bass & Guitar)
Djävulen Bor I Helvete II (Vocals, Lyrics, Compositions, Percussion, Bass & Guitar)
Belsepuupin Kahdekas Inkarnaatio (Vocals, Lyrics, Compositions, Percussion, Bass & Guitar)
Tiger Force (Vocals, Lyrics, Compositions, Percussion, Bass & Guitar)
Tribal Orchestration Covered By Purulent Discharge (Vocals, Lyrics, Compositions, Percussion, Bass & Guitar)

Ville Valo Collabs During HIM

We decided to consider the formation of the band in 1991 (according to the latest merchandise “HIM Memoriam” of the last Helldone, photo for reference).


1992 – Monk Rock (Drums)

Donits-Osmo Experience

1992/1993 –
Rumba 10 – A Collection Of Fresh Finnish Underground Rock (Finnish Sampler-CD)
Cypress Creek (bass)
Killfuck (bass)

1993 – Captain Demo (Bass)


1992 – No albums release, Satan lyrics backwards (Unknown role)

Apocalyptica (Early Years)

1996 – Sanitarium (Live singing)
1996 – Escape (Live singing)

Neljä Ruusua

1998 – Popmuseo
Hunningolla (Video Appearance)


1999 – Ikkunaprinsessa (Tribute Cover)
1999 – Paratiisi (Tribute Cover)
1999 – Jykevää on rakkaus (Tribute Cover)


1999 – Sweet Desire
Whispers In The Chaos (Songwriter)


1999 – Freak Out (Unknown)

The 69 Eyes

1997 – Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
Call Me (Backing Vocals)
Too Much to Lose (Backing Vocals)

1999 – Wasting The Dawn
Lay Down Your Arms (Backing Vocals)
Wasting the Dawn (Backing Vocals)
Lazarus Heart (Backing Vocals)
All-American Dream (Backing Vocals)
Hand of God (Backing Vocals)
Next Stop Paradise (Backing Vocals)

2000 – Blessed Be
The Chair (Backing Vocals)
Brandon Lee (Backing Vocals)
Angel on My Shoulder (Backing Vocals)

2004 – Devils
Beneath The Blue (Backing Vocals)

Tuomari Nurmio Tribute

2000 – Tuomarin Todistajat
Valo Yössä (Cover)

Tribute To Turbonegro

2000 – Alpha Motherfuckers

Rendez-Vous with Anus (Voice)

Daniel Lioneye

2001 – The King Of Rock N Roll
The King Of Rock’n Roll (Drums)
Roller lyrics (Drums)
Dope Danny lyrics (Drums)
Never Been In Love lyrics (Drums)
Eldorado Baby lyrics (Drums)
Lonely Road lyrics (Drums)
International P-Lover lyrics (Drums)
We Gonna Rockin’ Tonight lyrics (Drums)
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door lyrics (Drums)

Five Fifteen

2001 – Death of a clown
The prostitute (Backing Vocals)
Seasons of the witch (Backing Vocals)

The Mission

2001 – Aura
Unknown Song/Songs (Backing Vocals)

The Skreppers

2002 – Hedonist Hellcats
Soon Someone Is Crying (Some Lyrics by Valo with Reinaldo )

2004 – The Call Of The Trash
Doctor Goodfeel (Backing Vocals)
Let’s Die Together Sheena (Backing Vocals)
Jesus Saved My Sexlife (Backing Vocals)
5 Shake It Baby (Backing Vocals)

Lowe Motor Corporation

2004 – Saturnalia
Love Me (Backing Vocals)


2004 – Bittersweet
Bittersweet (Duet with Lauri Ylönen)

Isabelle’s Gift

2005 – American Idle
If I Die Tonight (Backing Vocals)

Bloodhound Gang

2005 – Hefty Fine
Something Diabolical (Duet with Jimmy Pop)

Two Witches

2005 – Saints And Sinners
Dracula Rising (Backing Vocals)
Madman (Demo Version) (Guitar)

Kari Tapio

2006 – Synkkien laulujen maa
Täällä Pohjantähden alla (Duet with Kari Tapio, RIP)
Kun minä kotoani läksin (Cover)

Daniel Cavanagh

2006 – Inner Silence (Live Perform with Daniel Cavanagh)

Cradle Of Filth

2006 – Thornography
The Byronic Man (Backing Vocals)

Natalia Avelon

2006 – Summer Wine
Summer Wine (Duet with Natalia Avelon)


2007- Sister
Just For Tonight (Duet With Manna)

Jeff Walker

2007 – Welcome to Carcass Cuntry (Bass, Backing Vocals)

Save Nuta

2008 – Rock N Roll High School
Rock N Roll High School (Bass, Backing Vocals)

Dani Filth

2010 – Untitled (Tribute to Black Sabbath)
Untitled (Background Music)


2010 – Angels Walk Among Us
Angels Walk Among Us (Backing Vocals)

The Mercy Fvcks

2010 – SWRMXS
Heartkiller Remix (Author)


2010 – SWRMXS
Disarm Me With (Your Loneliness) Remix (Author)

Cimmerica (Mige’s Side Project)

2011 – Cimmerica
Cimmerica (Mixing [1])

Teho Majamäki

2014 – Colours
Lusifer (Lead vocals and co-composition)

Rambo Rimbaud (Ville’s Solo Project)

2014 – Rambo Rimbaud
Solitude (Black Sabbath Cover), Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley Cover) ( Voice and Guitar, Live at the Helldone 2014)


2016 – Volumes
Knowing Me Knowing You (Cover) (Vocals)

Ville Valo (Solo Project)

2016 – Olet mun kaikuluotain
Olet mun kaikuluotain (Cover) (Vocals)

Ville Valo Collabs After HIM

Ville Valo & Agents and Badding

2018-2019 – Orpolapsi Kiurun (Cover) (Vocals)

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