Ville Valo’s 6 Favorite Places in Helsinki

Are you planning to visit Helsinki for a concert or just for explore the city where everything started? Say no more: Ville Valo has revealed his favorite places to visit.

Ville Valo Favorite Places in Helsinki
Ville Valo Favorite Places in Helsinki

In the list of his favorite places you will find many bars, restaurant and venues. The perfect list for an HIM/VV fan eager to visit the capital of Finland.

We took this list from a 2013 interview with Ilta Sanomat. Please note that Ville released this interview while he was living in his old neighborhood of Munkkiniemi.

Ukko-Munkki (Laajalahdentie 19)

It’s my neighborhood cafe in Munkkiniemi. Sometimes I don’t go there for months, but others I find myself sitting very often. Good food, great service and lots of people meeting there every week. Ukko-Munkki has been active in Helsinki since 1954.

Ville Valo about Ukko-Munkki

Corona Bar (Eerikinkatu 11)

One of the two rooms of the Kaurismaki brothers, the other is the Moskova bar.

The Corona is one of the rare oldest restaurants that have remained standing. In the Iso-Roobertinkatu area, for example, the premises change a lot. The Crown has only redone the facade. The restaurant itself has not undergone changes and today it is frequented by many people, especially young people.

Ville about the Corona Bar

Please note: In 2019 the Bar moved to Traverssikuja, 3 due renovations.

Kabuki (Lapinlahdenkatu 12)

The Kabuki is a very good restaurant, but I didn’t go after Aki (the founder and owner, Yoshiaki “Aki” Takayama) died. It was such an important part of the general atmosphere of the place that for me it is no longer the same.

Ville about Kabuki

Club Perkele (PRKL Club) (Kaisaniemenkatu 4)

This place is run by guys that I know well and are also DJing.

Ville about PRKL club

Ateneum (Kaivokatu 2)

Sometimes it is very useful to see some Finnish classics and remember where they come from. Some of Gallen-Kallela’s works are incredibly large. It’s nice to see them live, especially if you’ve only seen them in a photo. The Ateneum café is also pretty.

Ville about Ateneum

Science Museum (Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 13)

There’s a great show about bats right now. I recommend it to you. (Obscured by the Vampire – The secret world of bats – the exhibition is open until the end of the year).

Ville about the Helsinki Science Museum

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