Ville Valo in talks for a new project and album. Possibly out in 2020

According to Sonic Seducer, the HIM founder is in talks with friends for an upcoming project.

There are still many HIM songs that are never finished, let alone recorded, about 15 songs. I have already talked to friends about a new project, but I don’t want bite off more than I can chew. First things first.

Ville Valo

As many of you know, Ville is now concentrated with the Agents band for the Ville Valo & agents album and tour, which will start in March and end in August.

Only then, Ville will start shifting on the new project and possibly working on the music in the studio of his new house in Helsinki.

We might expect to have some news of the new project in 2020, since Ville will be touring for a large part of 2019.

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