Ville Valo interview about The Agents 21 September 2018 [Video + Transcript]

Here is the interview about the project with The Agents on the 21st of September 2018:


VV: About 20 years ago there was this TV show called Laulava Sydan.

EP: And when they asked me who’s going to be the singer? I immediately said Ville Valo. I knew in my gut that Ville can handle this stuff.

VV: For a heavy metal kid like it was a kind weird experience and a big challenge. But that it was the first step, and it felt very good right away.

EP: We didn’t rehearse beforehand, can’t remember why, maybe Ville was ill or something, but there were no rehearsals.

VV: I actually went to Lost & Found and I got s***tfaced. And some point I realised what I had gotten into.

EP: Ville came straight to the TV studio and after we had agreed on the keys we just nailed the songs.

VV: In a way I felt better singing Badding songs than HIM songs. I mean they really contained that piece of your Momma’s kitty… HIM was all about other titties.

EP: I didn’t really know Ville that well. I noticed right aways that there were all kinds of strange creatures following him around. Ok, there’s a star in the room!

VV: It was bloody good fun singing with them. They were real musicians. We were just there young kids who tried to disguise their shitty songs, with excessive amount of distortion. That’s heavy metal for you!

EP: Even back then there was talk that one day we would return to the scene of the crime. It took almost 20 years but we did it!

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