Ville Valo Interview @Jyrki for GLS release party 1997

HIM celebrated the release of their new record at King´s Kakadu yesterday. And this must have been one of the most bizarre and original parties that I´ve even been at.

Subtitle: “GLS release party: 1) the musicians serve as waiters and doormen for most of the time, 2) Not a single own song on the setlist.”

Ville Valo Interview @Jyrki
Ville Valo Interview @Jyrki

Antto: We have red smashed potatoes here, sauteed reindeer, lingonberry and strawberry pudding with vanilla cream as desert”.

[Journalist asks Ville:] You said in an interview that you long for a sinful atmosphere. Is that why we´re here now?

No, I actually said the exact opposite: this isn´t exciting. Clubs like this commercialise and banalise sex, sexuality and love way too much. It´s not possible anymore to… I´m old school – “Gone with the wind” — rather than “Kingdom of Sensuality”.

Is romantic love for you the thing that you write about?

Yes, the more decadent side of it, when the first flush of love and the romance starts to wear off and the harsh reality reveals itself. I love to exaggerate the emotions a little, I think it´s the best way. For example like the emotions in old Finnish fims are exaggerated, they´re very strong and actors clearly overdo it. I don´t long for the old times, but I do think it´s an era that had it´s benefits. It´s the same aswith the 80´s: that era´s not rehabilitated yet, people are still ashamed of Dingo [a Finnish band from the 80´s] and lots of good bands, quilted jackets and moonboots. I wouldn´t wear those myself, but I could accept my lady wearing them — without losing the Something [laughs].

Subtitle: “On the same occasion, also a new concept was introduced: Love Metal. The pseudo-satanistic appraisal of decadent love = soft granite ”

Can you write about anything other than love?

I always write about love for women, but you can love so many different things. But so far I haven´t been able to.. I don´t subscribe to Helsingin Sanomat [a newspaper], so I can´t give any political statements. That´s my problem, and I´m sure I´ll subscribe to all kinds of papers and magazines as soon as I´ve gotten fed up with love. But please note: I´m only 20 so what do I know? I´m sort of a prepubertic high preast of Angst, so I think it´s going to take me a while before I know women.


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