What’s the best HIM song of all time?

During the past 20 years, we definitely saw some top peak moment for the band. We can start with the incredible success in Germany in 2000 with Razorblade Romance, or we can admire the UK stardom during the 2003 with Love Metal to arrive to the best moments ever: the 2005 conquer of the US with the gold disk (over 500k copies sold).

But what is the best song of all time? This time you can choose the best three out of 15 songs (chosen by the Admin Baudelaire in Braille) and partecipate in this contest. We decided to discard all the Uneasy Listening, Remix, Acoustic just by preferring just the songs contained in the full lenght albums released by the band in their long career.

We decided to choose more for the previous album than Screamworks or Tears on Tape, because we felt that the last two had generally less coverage, popularity and also sold less. However, it’s easy to say that even the last album were total gems for the die hard fans.

So the good news is that you can choose 3 out of these 15 songs. The poll will be open for several weeks, in order to give time to the thousands of member in the community to familiarize with the all-new website.

Also, we would like to note that last year, Metal Hammer did a similar poll:

Last week we held a poll asking for YOU to choose the best HIM songs ever. Not an easy answer, we’re sure you’ll agree. Over their 26 year career, Ville Valo and his merry men have released eight studio albums, creating some seriously dark and emotive art in the process. From the poppier end of Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights to the monumental Love Metal, the Finns have spread themselves across the pitch black landscape of love, loss and heartache.

But which song came out on top?

Well, according to Metal Hammer readers, the greatest HIM song of all time is… Sleepwalking Past Hope!

In the past, even Ville decided which was his favorite HIM song:

Stuart: So, you’ve probably been asked this before and I’m sure it’s an incredibly tough one to answer. But would you be able to pick your own, favourite HIM song?

Ville: Well there’s so many reasons for a song to be my favourite, whether it’s in terms of production or you know. One of the new songs, the title track off the new album is one of my favourites. It’s got a really cool vibe and it really seems to connect with people and it always connects with me somehow on an emotional level whenever I hear it or play it.

But out of all the tracks, ‘When Love And Death Embrace’ from the first album. It’s one that just has something in it, I like to call it magic. I don’t know why, it just has this odd mood and just transports me somewhere else, and that’s something that I haven’t been able to copy. It’s just something that happens and it’s out of your hands. You have these skeletal ideas for a song, and then it’s on a certain level, and then you have to produce and mix and master it and that’s a long process which evoke those very surreal emotions or it doesn’t. That’s one of the reasons I do music, because it’s not a mathematical process, you don’t come to the same conclusion with the same variables. It just keeps on changing which keeps it interesting, so on that basis ‘When Love And Death Embrace’ is one of them.

Remember, you can even choose not just one, but even 3 out of this 15-songs list:

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